This U. S. #FLAGFLAP is something else. I had no idea so many people felt the way they do. #FOREAL

I’m to busy working everyday to get caught up in the hype. Standing with hand over heart or kneeling on one knee I’m OK with both. I think it should be an individual preference. And by the way, weren’t most Americans taught to kneel and/or bow your head in reverence to; when praying to God? Hmmm….

As I understand it the whole “kneeling” during the national anthem was  protest against racism in America. That’s not disrespecting the flag. It’s called taking a stand. I could see if they were jumping up and down on the flag, cutting it to shreds or worse burning it in public. That would be disrespectful on every level but that’s not what’s happening. They’re expressing their dislike for how racism is being handled in America “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.

This is the United States of America. Our country was built on the basis of “freedom” to do, think and act (within reason) as you see fit. That’s what makes America so special. We’re a democracy. Millions of people have come to live in this country to have liberty to live their lives and peacefully protest as they choose. That’s what separates us from a lot of countries on the planet. I wish we remember that; stop making everything so damned divisive and political.

We are so distracted in the U. S. right now with things that I don’t think are important. Here’s what matters: CLEAN water for the people in Flint, Michigan, affordable healthcare, access to money for anyone who desires to start businesses, decent housing, crime free neighborhoods, better schools; education and jobs with a fair wage. Immediate aide to people affected by natural and weather catastrophes. If we spent more time paying attention to and resolving real American people issues the #FLAGFLAP wouldn’t even be on the radar. Neither would concerns about other countries and what they think of the United States of America.

Recently when the gunman shot and killed all those people in Las Vegas all I saw was people “helping” people. Politics, personal agendas and vendettas, the #FLAGFLAP, race (color of your skin), religious belief and sexual orientation didn’t matter. We were all simply Americans and we rose to help each other without hesitation. That’s the kind of America I wish we could be 24/7/365. Not arguing over who’s right about standing or kneeling during the national anthem at a sports event. That’s really not important and we’re wasting precious energy having the debate.

Sometimes I think God allows incidents to happen that force us to work together without consideration of race, creed or origin. Takes effective leadership to promote unity though. Can you imagine an America where everybody’s on the same page or at least pointed in that direction? Unfortunately, that notion probably won’t happen for another 3-4 generations. The status quo mentality (business as usual) will have to die and a new attitude be birthed through a leadership that’s acceptable to unifying the country. Doubt if I’ll see that in my lifetime though. On the other hand I’ll be optimistic because there’s always hope…right?

Shalom! (peace) I pray God’s covering & provision for you all the days of your life.



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