I’ve been quiet about President Trump getting Impeached for a reason. I wanted to see how the chips fall first before commenting. And now that the chips have fallen here’s my assessment. The Democratic Party and it’s leaders are playing right into his hands. Yep! He’s going to wear them out with “their scheme” to oust him; turn them on their heads whilst exposing their significant “lack of” accomplishments since he took office. Watch and see!

President Trump is a master marketer; knows how to effectively spin the narrative in his favor. Less we forget he spent several years on one of TV’s most successfully rated shows “The Apprentice”. Remember? “You’re F-I-R-E-D!” was his “Trump” (no pun intended) line.

An impeachment trial in an election year is not in the Democratic parties best interest. Nope. Like it or not that puts his name on the minds of ALL American voters. Name recognition is certainly part of the game in politics. Frfr! And even President Trump couldn’t afford to pay for that kind of “FREE” advertising. I mean who on the freakin’ planet doesn’t know the name Donald Trump?


The scam has fired up his voting base again too that is still tired of typical American politics. You know, the kind with politicians that spend more time fighting each other than reaching across party lines; creating solutions for problems in America. Unless the Democratic Party comes up with the right candidate President Trump is probably gonna win another term in office. I certainly respect Democratic Presidential candidate front-runners like Bernie Sanders & Joe Biden (their track records speak for themselves) but they’re almost 80 years old. And didn’t Congressman Sanders have a “heart attack” while on the campaign trail? Ooohhh weee!

If the Democratic Party doesn’t find one qualified candidate quick the party may be doomed. In fact, it may already be dead. Issues like fair distribution of MONEY, JOBS that pay a fair wage according to today’s cost of living, affordable healthcare, decent housing, SAFE neighborhoods, global warming and border security (just to name a few things) are still on voters minds. And if the Democrats don’t find the right person with the right plan to run it’s likely President Trump may win with one of the biggest landslide victories in U. S. Presidential history.

Furthermore, the media & Christmas 2019 spending reports the American economy is stronger than it’s been in decades. Consumers are confident [while President Trump is in office]; spending M-O-N-E-Y “buying” everything from A-Z and on big ticket items like autos and mortgages. In case you didn’t know, when the economy is strong it’s difficult (perhaps impossible) to unseat any incumbent elected official. #IJS¬†

Unless you’re blind in one eye; can’t see out of the other one you’ve probably noticed I’m an intelligent African-American man with an opinion. My parents, grandparents and teachers (over the years) taught me to “think” for myself, read and comprehend what I read, appreciate data and to NEVER ignore the handwriting on the wall. So, this portion of the message is for the “brothers and sisters” who may be reading my blog. Unless we remember the consequences from mistakes of the past we’ll do the same thing expecting better results. What’s the point? Glad you ask. If you don’t like what you see happening in American politics (particularly within the African-American community) you have to participate in the political process to bring about the desired change. I’ve written before about black people (m-i-a) missing in action in the 2016 Presidential election. Data doesn’t lie. Don’t believe me. Click on the link; read the article for yourself. https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/05/12/black-voter-turnout-fell-in-2016-even-as-a-record-number-of-americans-cast-ballots/

A lot of black people DID NOT vote in 2016. OK. I get it. Y’all didn’t like the choices in the last Presidential election but you still have to vote. How? Pick one of the two left standing. Go vote and hold them accountable for what we know needs to happen in OUR community. Lots of black folk complaining about President Trump in church, public and all over social media but with shallow arguments. Don’t vote. No voice. Absolutely no right to complain. So, SHUT UP! Point blank. Case closed.

And another thing…Black votes been getting pimped by slick politicians for years with no accountability. Take a look around OUR communities across the country. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could see the issues. Blight, ghetto, drug infested and declining property values. Will the madness ever stop? Then there’s gentrification. I. E. Folk come into our community and buy for pennies on the dollar (far below real market value)…rebuild, sell and PROFIT millions. Literally! Will it ever stop? Probably not. We’re to busy buying what everybody else sells…fake hair, nails and malt liquor. To preserve our interest in society going forward we’ve got to make realistic demands, get the deal in writing; make ’em sign it with their “real” blood so they’ll remember the commitment.

And one more thing, the African-American church “pulpit” is one of the LAST places we trust…right? If you say it from our pulpits “it’s good as gold” for a lot of us. Why do you think politicians run to the church during any election cycle to give a word? Special note to Brother & Sister Bishop, Elder, Evangelist, Minister, Pastor, Prophet and Prophetess: To fire up the black voting base for the next Presidential election perhaps in addition to “live right” or die and go to hell sermons and taking up tithes and offerings you should include a social conscience message about black voter registration. A voter registration drive at ‘cho church every Sunday is a good idea too. #IJS I mean we gotta live on earth until we die or get caught up in the rapture…right? In the meantime, voting for the right candidate (who’ll work to ensure a quality of life for all brothers and sisters) could certainly help US in our community.

So, here are my conclusions…If the Democratic Party isn’t careful President Trump’s going to leverage their plot to prevent him from getting reelected into another 4 years in office. Guess you could say they’re blinded by their own ambition. Additionally, (black people) #STAYWOKE and if you don’t like the direction the countries going you need to check your voter registration to be sure it’s legit and GO to the polls and #VOTE.

In the meantime, God help and #PROTECT us all. Frfr! This is my perspective and I own it. What’s your opinion? Feel free to comment and share the blog. Be respectful; absolutely NO CUSSING allowed or you’ll be deleted and/or blocked from participating in the dialogue.

God bless; Happy New Year!

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