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You know what? My life is a “basket of blessings”. I am so serious. Raised in a great family, with parents and grandparents that loved me; put boundaries on my life and did NOT spare the rod when necessary.

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Lived and raised; went to school in Lexington, Kentucky and earned my degree in Mass Communications (Broadcasting) from Eastern KY University, Richmond. Most of my family still resides in the Central Kentucky area.

I’m the oldest of six children. After me there’s Cindy then Jeffery, Byron, Kim and Tevin (we call him T. J.) in that order.

My parents (James and Ann) are Christians. And there was no question where we’d be EVERY Sunday. In fact, Daddy was head of the Deacon Board. We were the first one’s there; last one’s out after service.

My family has been affiliated with Providence Baptist Church, Howards Creek, Winchester, Kentucky for over 200 years. I’ve traced my family’s history back to my Great Grandfather Will Murray. He’s my Grandmother Beatrice Murray Gay’s Father. Needless to say my clan is rooted and grounded having been in Kentucky for that long.



Surrounding Daddy in the center: at the top from LEFT to RIGHT (Kimberly, Reggie, Byron, Cindy & Jeffery)

Reggie as 1st Grader

Reggie as a Teenager

Reggie as a Freshman of Eastern Kentucky University

Reggie in 1995

Reggie as Senior in College

Reggie Gay and The Reggie Gay Gospel Show today!

Reggie Gay Gospel Show celebrated its 10TH “Television” Anniversary in October 2020.