First, I thank God for His favor. I’m a trained broadcaster; been at it professionally for 35+ years.

My TV show has been “on the air” for ten years. Halleluyer! I was at BET (Black Entertainment Television) in July 2010 when God told me to do a TV show.  I immediately began to make excuses about  “why” I couldn’t do it. God kept saying “You just go do what I told YOU to do”. Reluctant, I was obedient; started selling the idea to sponsors. Within two short weeks I was blessed to raise the capital to launch the telecast in October 2010; rest is history. Look at what I’d have missed if I’d been disobedient.

After 10 years, we’re now accessible to 4.5 million television households every Sunday in multiple TV markets.

Our mission is to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ in song. The purpose is to promote great gospel choirs, groups and quartets.

I am grateful to God for sending me the resources through incredibly loyal sponsors that have stuck with me.

Appreciate every fan that relies on us for spiritual inspiration. Thanks to all our TV affiliates for their support too.

I see expansion on the horizon. Interested in being a sponsor or the telecast airing in your town? Shoot me an e-mail; let’s get the ball rolling.

Think you and/or your gospel singing group have an “A Game” for television? Send us your video. [ReggieGay@ReggieGay.com] We’ll take a look at it; see if it makes the cut. If it doesn’t we’ll at least offer you advice as to how to get it on TV.   #GODBLESS #STAYSAFE

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A look at MYSELF in the mirror & the pic did NOT lie. I was 225 pounds, fat; probably on the way to health challenges. I now weigh 165; feel great. My goal is to get down to 150. Was it easy? No. Worth it? Absolutely! I looked old and dated, but with God’s help I made a necessary change, so I could live and feel better about myself.

Here’s how I did it:
1. Drink plenty of water instead of sugary drinks with calories
2. Make better wholesome food choices
3. I haven’t eaten chicken OR red meat in years
4. Cut back drastically on bread products
5. Increase fiber intake so as to keep it moving
6. Exercise to tone-up
DISCLAIMER: You should consult a Physician before starting any weight loss program…If I can do it…you can too. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired (with my example) to make good #CHANGE and live. God bless!

Thanks to my faithful sponsors that have supported me for years with their prayers and financial investment.




We promote the rich heritage of Black Gospel Music. Your investment helps cover the cost of producing the Reggie Gay Gospel Show. It also helps us to enrich the lives of and strengthen people in their faith and honor of God. Thank you!

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