PSALM 75:6-7. When God opens the door…it’s open. Matters not where you are in life. (ALL CAPS MEANS SHOUTING) BE FAITHFUL TO GOD. And despite the challenges and disappointments maintain your relationship with Him. Why? Because in your dedicated service God will NOT let YOUR faithfulness go unrewarded. Beloved, IF you stay faithful I am a witness that God will open doors; take you from glory to glory. Furthermore, God doesn’t always choose just based on qualifications. They are important but sometimes He looks at the heart and chooses folk He knows can be trusted to represent His gospel.

With that being said, I’m “ON MY WAY” and super excited to announce that I will be on Reach One Media’s “The Nightly Spirit w/Darlene McCoy” Wednesday, July 7, 2021 in the 9 PM (et) hour. My topic will be “Successfully Navigating the Music Industry”.The show is accessible to 6 MILLION listener’s weeknights from 7 PM till 11 PM (et). I’m grateful to Reach Media/Urban One, my friend Darlene McCoy and her Executive Producer Dwight Stone for the exposure.


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Reggie Gay is a gospel radio DJ based in Atlanta, GA. His career spans 36 years. ReggieGay.com streams black gospel music 24/7/365. Download his free mobile app. He can be contacted at ReggieGay@ReggieGay.com or call 888-683-2394.