ReggieGay.com is a candidate for Stellar Awards 2020 gospel music internet webcast of the year. Praise Jesus! That’s fantastic! My broadcasting career spans THIRTY SIX years; it’s very encouraging when colleagues acknowledge your faithful work.

Let me be clear, there’d be no ReggieGay.com without reliable $ underwriters. Thanks to every sponsor for your consistent financial support.

Voting is now until Sunday, December 1. Here’s how it all works: First round winners graduate to second round voting. Whoever gets the most votes in the second round wins. Feel free to share this info with other gospel music fans too. You can only vote ONE time. Click HERE to vote.

Congratulations to all the 1ST round candidates too. It’s an honor to be in the same class; work in an industry with other great broadcasters who share the same enthusiasm and passion to promote black gospel music online.

The story of ReggieGay.com: I was taught in college (I was a broadcasting major) to “pay attention” to trends. Thank God I was in class that day. In 2005 I noticed a paradigm shift in the entire broadcasting industry. Radio stations began to make their content accessible on the internet. It was also during that same time period that I realized a lot of “pals” in the business were getting laid-off because of syndication. I honestly remember thinking (BEFORE the shoe drops) that I’d better start insulating my career before I find myself on the “outside” skids. I decided to shift my focus; become a “content provider” not just an employee. In my business their are two types, “liabilities” or folk that want a paycheck every two weeks. There’s nothing wrong with that but (in the age of automation where computers run radio & television stations) those types are disposable. Furthermore, if there’s a need for a budget cut to save the “financial bottom line” or you do something the boss doesn’t like you’re the FIRST to get “FIRED”. On the other hand, their are “producers” I. E. skilled talent that creates great content that can be sold to sponsors. Aha! I decided (based on my college training) that I was a “Producer”. So, because of the trend of things occurring in 2005 I created ReggieGay.com to insulate my own career. Glad I did too because it’s been a blessing & the saving grace. Sometimes I sit, think and amaze myself at my progress over the years but them I remember this is your God destiny and you were trained for the business. A guy said to me years ago “You don’t have to go to school to be a DJ”. I said “No, you don’t BUT it makes a difference.” My knowledge & training has kept me steady in the broadcasting industry for THIRTY SIX years. Guess I’m doing something right to be around that long. I’m always consulting colleagues on how to be successful in broadcast sales and programming.  Makes me think about the old gospel song “This Little Light Of Mine…I’m Gonna Let It Shine”. Furthermore, I believe God is honoring my faithfulness. He never will lets the faithful go unrewarded. Credit to my Daddy too. He said to me years ago “Reginald! Pick ONE thing and stick with it”. He was sooo right. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It happens for those who “pick one thing” and stay the course. If I hadn’t stayed focused and kept up with the trend of things there’d be no ReggieGay.com and it certainly wouldn’t be a candidate for a “Stellar Award”.

I encourage you to keep up with trends in your career. The one constant in life is C-H-A-N-G-E; if you don’t keep up with how things are done in this era you’ll probably get left behind and perhaps put “out of business”. You can’t keep doing the same thing expecting better results either. Pardon my grammar but “Ain’t gonna happen”. Don’t be afraid to try new, reasonable and sensible things in your career. Go take a class if necessary to expand your knowledge; keep up with how things are done these days. I’m always in LEARN mode and with webcasting & apps for smartphones ReggieGay.com “Black Gospel Music Inspiration” is heard globally.

As I hasten to a close my advice to you (in whatever your profession) is to pray and ask God for His direction. I’m a witness that if you ask He will tell you what to do and where to go for the right support. Also, get wise counsel (as my Mama says) “From people who’ve been where you’re trying to GO.” Finally, I’m grateful for the vision, courage to pursue it and God’s provision through sponsors to sustain an enterprise that was birthed in 2005.

Thanks to Central City Productions (Producers of The Stellar Awards) for the wonderful recognition. Lord willing, see ya at The Stellar Awards MAR 25-27, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. And remember “What goes on in Vegas…stays in Vegas”. LOL! TheStellarAwards.com ReggieGay.com

Click HERE to vote. Thank you!

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