To hell with the Presidential race….

Welcome to Reggie Gay’s world. I love it. I’m always busy accomplishing and broadcasting of course. It’s what I do. Thanks God! I go from glory to glory daily. Literally! I trust God; when the window closes God opens a door. Call me the Energizer Bunny. I just keep going and going. And it’s ALL by the grace of God.

What are you doing? Hope you’re not WASTING time like a lot of folk do. Talk is still cheap. Actions still speak louder than words. ALWAYS! Stop talking about it and get busy vigorously going after your aspirations. Anything in life worth having is worth working for. Stop floating all over the place. You’re doing too much; perhaps that’s the reason you’re not as successful. Get anchored. Pick ONE thing and stick with it. My Daddy said that to me when I was growing up. Glad he did. Guess that’s why I’m a successful broadcaster. Pick one thing. Work on it a little bit every day and before you know it you’ll have reached your goal. Just remember, it’s all by the grace of God.

We elect our next President in November.   Did you know candidates have to PAY to be President of the United States? You didn’t know? That’s crazy! Pay to inherit ALL the world’s problems.  When President Obama went into office in 2009 his hair was dark brown. It’s now silver and most likely from the stress that goes with the job. He, Michelle, the girls and Mama Robinson (Michelle’s mother) I’m sure will be glad to “get the hell out of dodge” and back to a somewhat reasonable life without all the hassles.  God bless them for their service to our country.

Two thumbs up to the qualified candidates who tried to campaign based on real issues. Unfortunately, they’re all gone. It’s nothing but a “slug fest” now and the last one standing wins.

Can you imagine the Clinton-Trump debates? It’ll be nothing but a media blitz. Yeah I said it. Never mind the fact that real people have real issues all over America and desperately need help.  I predict the “Hillary and Donald” reality TV show will probably spend 80% of the time bashing each other, attacking each other’s character and not nearly enough time talking about the real issues and solutions.  Is there any wonder people have become so distrusting of the political system? It’ll be nothing but a big ratings bonanza for advertisers who can write gigantic checks to sell people more stuff they probably couldn’t afford in the first place and that depreciates ridiculously the minute they sign on the dotted line. It’s capitalism at its best. Nobody’s talking about real American issues like how everybody can get an affordable education, decent housing, jobs that pay more than minimum wage and access to the same kind of money for EVERYBODY. There’s nothing going on now but rhetoric, name calling, finger pointing, slander and who can concoct the best back room deal to run the most powerful nation in the world. Typical good ole’ American politics that have made voters numb to the notion that people really do still hold the power to change. Can you imagine if the sleeping giant were to “wake-up”? Hell I’d be glad just to see it “yawn” and remind Washington who really has “the power”. Oh well! That’ll never happen. Con artist all over D. C. selling the same “crap” they’ve been selling for years. The sad part is people keep believing it [especially during Presidential election cycles] and get disappointed every time.

I heard somebody say one time “get it in writing”. Yeah. That’s it! Get it in writing and make them sign it with their own blood. I mean it. You want my vote? Then make ALL the promises you want but sign here. And if yo ass (Yeah I said it) don’t keep your word and make it happen (in a reasonable amount of time) here’s what’s going to happen to you.  When I was living with my parents they were clear what the consequences would be if I broke the rules. It’s definitely time for American voters to be clear too.

Actually, I think it’s absurd that you have to raise and spend MILLONS of dollars for a job that pays $400,000.00 and carries the weight of the whole freaking planet. Call it “power” I guess. It’s the ultimate aphrodisiac; like a drug and very addictive. The more power you get the more you want. It’s pitiful; really all about who’s in control of the American check book. Yeah I said it.

I’m not convinced the last two running for U. S. President are truly concerned about the real welfare of Americans in as much as they just want the power that comes with the territory. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Listen to what they’re saying and then measure their track records. I hear them talking but show me in writing. In fact, the last Presidential candidate I saw on television with a tangible plan was Ross Perot. Remember him from the 1980’s? He showed us what he would do “in writing” if he got elected. Oh well! My Mama often says “too much like right”; probably why he didn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell of becoming President of these great United States. I hear a lot of “talking” but when I look around (especially in my ‘hood) nothing’s changed. NOTHING! But most keep believing. People are so gullible. Will we ever learn? I’d say probably not.

I think you’ve got to be a lunatic to want to be President of the United States or any kind of politician for that matter. Had a couple people to suggest I run for local office. Honestly, I thought about it momentarily and then “thank God” I came to my senses (borrowed a line from Sophia in the movie “The Color Purple) and said “HELL NAW”. I’m a gospel DJ and I intend to “Stay in My Lane”.

With that said…I’ve got a question for you? Why is it that we ONLY hear from some (local, state and certainly national lie-uh-ti-cians (I mean politicians) during election season? Grinning in our faces and some willing to say and/or do whatever is necessary to get “elected”. I’m sick of it; especially in the African-American community. When will we ever learn to make them put their promises in writing and sign it with their real blood?  The Republican Party is on the skids; I would be surprised if they’re still around in 20 years. America has changed right under their noses but they’re still doing “business as usual” because voters won’t demand “real” and lasting change. Will Trump win? Anything’s possible. Could Hillary become the 1ST female American President? That’s possible too. One or the other will win that’s for sure I just hope they EARN it. We’ll see.

I long for the days with real leadership. Guys like Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Malcolm X; Teddy Roosevelt. Those leaders had back bone, fortitude, courage & fought for revolutionary change.  I can’t necessarily speak for other communities but I can assess the African-American community. Sadly, nothing much has changed since Dr. King led the Civil Rights Movement. The man’s been dead since 1968. That’s a long time; same problems that existed then exist today. Actually, I think Dr. King would be very disappointed at the lack of progress we’ve made in the black community since he was murdered. Blighted, dirty neighborhoods, poor (if any) retail selections. It’s true. What’s the problem? I’m glad you ask the question. African-American communities simply don’t have access to the same kind of MONEY necessary to upgrade and see real change. I’m not even confident things will be any better when Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump get elected. Yeah I said it…again. And with all they’ve both said recently has anybody been shrewd enough to make either of them put it in writing? I seriously doubt it.

And another thing all these DAMN black talking heads on TV giving their assessments (babble babble…blah blah blah). Shut up! Yeah I Said It. I’m sick of them too. Half of them need to be on television like they need a “hole” in their head. GO get a real job and help make real changes. Where’s my dang remote anyway? I’m changing the channel back over to “The Beverly Hillbillies”.

God help us all. Thank goodness he’s the one really in control. If it weren’t for the Lord on our side…right? Wake UP folks!  It’s time to make some REAL legitimate demands and get it in writing before we go to the polls in November and either Clinton or Trump get elected.

Did you see the movie “Selma”? Great flick! The movie depicted Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. constantly insisting to then President Lyndon Johnson “Change NOW Mr. President.  We can’t wait any longer.”  And although Johnson gave 102 reasons as to why he couldn’t act immediately they kept reminding him of his moral responsibility to ALL Americans. That’s probably “pie in the sky” these days and a totally disillusioned perspective. Oh well (singing now) “Back to life…back to reality”.

Yeah I Said It! You take care; remember you make good choices based on knowledge and thanks for visiting Reggie Gay’s world.