OK. Here’s my take on President Trump’s Muslim travel ban. CHANGE is usually uncomfortable especially when it’s intended to fix a broken system. And let’s face it protocol (for foreigners entering the United States) is certainly flawed; needs to be addressed. What do you think?

I agree they could have done a better job implementing the so called ban but (based on terrorist realities & the constant threats) these days we really do need to know who’s entering OUR country and WHY. Point blank! What do you think?

WARNING! I’m about to say something that may “rock your world”. If the children are in the room you may want to send them elsewhere. Here goes. Is it time to close America to foreigners and refugees wanting to move here period? A visit for business or vacation may perhaps be OK but I’m talking about people who want to move to America…the land of the free and the home of the brave to take advantage of our free enterprise system. Personally, I think the scales are horribly imbalanced for some opportunities especially for African-Americans. How is it that a foreigner can move to OUR country and open a business in the African-American community and thrive? In retrospect, you and I both know there’s no way in hell a black person could move to China; open a business, expect to be patronized and be anywhere nearly as successful. Ain’t gonna happen folks. Why? Because you and I both know the system ain’t created for us to even think about competing there or in any other place outside America. Perhaps we need to “shut the door” (so to speak) and focus on equipping legitimate Americans to be prosperous. What do you think?

While a lot Muslims are law abiding citizens and mean no one any harm unfortunately their are some who come with the intent TO harm and even worse kill. That’s what compels OUR government to control and screen anybody wanting to come into OUR country. Tough pill to have to swallow but I’d rather an ounce of prevention NOT a pound of cure. What do you think?

Additionally, we definitely need to secure the countries Southern border to curtail the number of illegal immigrants coming into OUR country that somehow wind up on OUR tax bill. I have a problem with that. Their are a lot people in OUR country (perhaps in your family or neighborhood) that need “a hand UP not a HANDOUT but can’t get any help because we’re taking care of people who aren’t legal. Could you or I just show up in another country without being vetted? I don’t think so. And even though OUR country has always had a somewhat benevolent spirit and welcomed other nationalities we really do need to do a better job taking care of legitimate citizens here FIRST. Charity starts at home….right? Anybody?

While all this is overwhelming I think the mistake the President made is not thoroughly vetting (even if it was just among his cabinet officers) the idea and as my Mama taught me “thinking the ban clearly through”. It certainly would have been better if there’d been “universal directives” as to how to implement the ban over a reasonable period of time too.

Last, (I’ve been a member of the media for almost 35 years) please don’t get bamboozled by the American media’s reporting of the event. Actually, I don’t really have a problem with President Trump tweeting. At least you know what HE’S thinking without the media screening and conveniently leaving out a word or two here and there. Remember, there’s 3 sides to every story…their side, THEIR side and the truth. Part of the media’s game is to show the DRAMA (so to speak); draw an audience to their TV channel to create ratings so they can sell MORE advertising at a premium rate (to sell us stuff we can’t afford or didn’t need in the first place) and make the news industry and it’s advertisers billions more dollars. Only in America….right? What do you think?

I encourage us ALL to pray for OUR country. I mean really pray to God to intervene in world affairs, for OUR President and ALL elected and appointed officials. This is a tough time to be in office at any level and in any country. LITERALLY PRAYING >>>> “God WE ALL need you right now”…..Anybody?

Written out of concern for misunderstandings and apparent political tension globally and in OUR country.