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I want to chat for a few minutes about: TREATING FOLK RIGHT.


With running the risk of sounding “preachy” today God’s word in Matthew 7:12 says

The Golden Rule;

12 “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.”

Translated: Respect & treat everybody the way you’d want to be treated.

Listen, the United States can be a cruel, hateful, mean and treacherous place to live and work; we could all do a better job treating each other respectfully.

Look at what’s happening at the Southern borders of our country. Although illegally coming into the United States we’re not treating those people right. Separating dependent babies and children from their parents is never good. Harassing, killing (in some cases) & shooting unarmed black people is unacceptable.  Denying any legal and legitimate American citizen the right to justice and access to money and the equal distribution of wealth is not fair.

Red-lining certain zip codes in American neighborhoods; charging a higher interest rate and sub-prime mortgages burdening people is just not right. Is there any wonder people “rob Peter to pay Paul” (so to speak) just to make ends meet?


The United States is a leader in practically every standard of living for human beings. The United States sets the model and template sometime adopted by other countries around the globe. If we treat our fellow American citizens inconsiderately there’s probably no hope for the rest of the world…right?

We have to do better. It starts with “you” and “me”.

I ran into my neighbor (Caucasian white female) recently. She’d been traveling; hadn’t seen her in a while. I hugged her longer than normal because I really was “glad to see her”. She’s always been kind to me; and I’d obligated to give her the same love and respect. That’s all! She’s always treated like the scripture I gave at the beginning:

The Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12)

12 “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.

Interesting that Matthew 7:12 never makes reference to any nationality or race. Translated it says “Treat people like you’d want to be treated”.

Today, I want to challenge ALL our fans listening to try practicing the “Golden Rule”. Changing our town with its sometimes cruel, hateful and mean self begins with you and me “treating” each other with love and respect. Say “hello” to a stranger today; mean it. “Help” somebody you see in need today expecting nothing in return. Got a little extra money this month? Give it to somebody that you know is struggling financially without expecting to be repaid; especially repaid with some ridiculous interest rate.

As I conclude, I believe if “WE” treat each other right that it’ll be the beginning of creating a community where we can ALL prosper.

TODAY is the first day of the rest of all of our EXISTENCE. We have to start somewhere…right?