My Daddy taught me years ago to “pick ONE thing” and to stick with it. Boy oh boy what a lesson. And he was right too. So my advice to you is “Pick ONE thing”! The world can make us all feel like a “kid in a candy shop”. So many choices, flavors, variations that can wind up being nothing but a BIG distraction. Bishop T. D. Jakes preached in one of his sermons “It’s a set-up”. Yeah. A set up for failure. You got 15 things going on and ain’t none of it working out. Sound familiar to anybody? Need help determining that “ONE thing”? Ask God what’s His will for your life. He showed me; he’ll show you too. That’s why I’m a successful broadcaster. It’s what I do. It’s my ONE thing. Get it? Otherwise, you may find yourself somewhere in adult mid-life (40s and 50s) having worked numerous jobs and ain’t accomplished much because you got bamboozled, hook-winked, led astray or tricked into doing something that was never intended to be your “ONE thing”.

I get calls all the time (you probably do too) with great opportunities. I can’t lie…I considered some of them but thank God I came to my senses BEFORE making even a “sweat equity” investment. Had a lady one time to get irate with me because I told her “NO” from the word go. Sorry ‘mam. That’s NOT what I do. I’m a (DJ) disc-jockey…it’s my calling and I’m the best in the business. I don’t know everything (nobody does) but I’m a pro in broadcasting and proud to say ain’t to many folk that’ll beat me at my craft. I’ve studied it for years, developed and earned by stripes. You want to know about broadcasting “let’s talk”. You wanna know how to fry good chicken call “Colonel Sanders”. LOL! As I’ve grown older my Daddy’s advice to “pick ONE thing and stick with it” really resonates with me and I’m “sho” glad he taught me that lesson EARLY in life.

Pick ONE thing and build it “brick by brick” so it’ll last is my advice to you. Remember, Rome wasn’t built overnight. No ‘mam; No sir. It takes time to build long term success and it requires you to be laser focused. You’ll probably need to go to school too or at least find yourself a “mentor” who can teach you the ropes so to speak. And don’t worry about the money part either. Trust me the right paycheck comes when your industry respects your craft. You won’t have to worry about the nickle and dime folk. They won’t bother to call you because they’ll know your skill is above their pay grade. God’s word says be “faithful” with the small task; He will bless you with better and more money…right?

#STAY FOCUSED When I was growing up my Grandfather would put blinders on the mule he used to plow the fields so the animal wouldn’t get distracted. I had to learn to put blinders on too. Perhaps that’s what you need to do AFTER you’ve decided what you’re going to do with your life. And remember, nobody can decide that “ONE thing” but Y-O-U.

Today if you’re sick and tired of the endless revolving doors “make up your mind” once and for all. And teach your children and grandchildren to do the same thing so they won’t find themselves pursuing endless, unprofitable opportunities. Read James 1:6-8 for biblical perspective on why it’s important that you “Pick ONE thing and stick with it”.

We all get ONE shot at this thing called L-I-F-E. Don’t waste it. Decide WHAT you want to do and get started aggressively pursuing it today.

If this blog has helped you in any way please let me know. My e-mail address is: ReggieGay@ReggieGay.com. Feel free to share this message with others who may need to learn to “Pick ONE thing” too. Thank you!