It amazes me how some folk have so much to say when they’re dissatisfied with the direction and/or outcome of something but they don’t participate in the process. Years ago I was President of my local (HOA) “homeowners association” and discovered the neighbors that didn’t participate and support were the ones who complained most and ALL the time. I categorized those people (LOL) “lot of lip”. Talking LOUD, ain’t saying nothing; very annoying. That’s my perception of black people that DID NOT vote in the 2016 Presidential Election for one reason or another. More on that subject later in my blog.

I posted a message on my Facebook pages [Reggie Gay and ReggieGay.com] on Tuesday, January 30, 2018 asking a very general market question “Y’all planning to watch President Trump’s “State of the Union” address?” The post got a ton of resounding “NO’s” from African-Americans. OK. No problem. It’s your choice to not watch BUT then no need for you to complain when the President sets an agenda you don’t like and that doesn’t benefit you or your community. Believe it or not the squeaky wheel still gets the oil. How will you know how to respond to the President’s speech if you didn’t listen for yourself? The President is elected by citizens of the United States; sent to Washington to run this country on our behalf. How can you expect to affect any kind of change in funding for important community programs and services, laws, new legislation and policy if you don’t know the proposed agenda? Even if you don’t like the President you still need to listen to MAJOR speeches like the “State of the Union” as it will set the agenda for American government for the next 12 months.

I’ve never liked “second hand” information. I want to hear it for myself. What surprises me is the gigantic number of people who are extremely gullible (believe everything they hear) and will get an overview of one of the President’s most major speeches from “sound bites” on the news the next day. Really people?! I’ve been a member of the media for 35 years; trust me that IS NOT the best way to get the President’s message to OUR country. To many biased and slanted views from the American media. Plus, the risk in that measure is you get only part of the message that could be perceived in the wrong way and/or taken “out of context”. I want to hear the message “for myself” and you should too. So, perhaps those of you with the resounding “NO’s” need to put your feelings aside and get the message for yourself.

Let’s talk about voting now. Since my college undergrad school days my theory has always been that the African-American vote is very pivotal in this country for all elections. I believe the right or wrong candidate will get elected based on black peoples vote especially in major urban markets. Perhaps some of you were disenchanted with voting in the November 2016 general election because of the choices (Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump). OK. I get it but you still needed to vote for one or the other. Pew Research says black voter turnout noticeably decreased in the November 2016 election. Click the article title and read the data for yourself. Enough African-Americans simply DID NOT vote. That’s absolutely, totally despicable. And what’s happening in American government is as much black people’s fault as anybody’s because we allowed it to happen. You didn’t vote and Donald Trump became President.

Black voter turnout fell in 2016, even as a record number of Americans cast ballots

The numbers in the data are not made up. Pew Research is a reputable data collections service and the numbers are legitimate. In my opinion, black people that did not vote are just as much a part of the problem for what’s currently happening in the American government as those who we want to blame. If  you don’t VOTE you don’t have a voice in local, state and national politics and you surely don’t have a right to complain.

I decided to “blog” on “MY PAGE” about the subject to provide insight into what really happened in the 2016 Presidential election.  A LOT OF BLACK PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE. You don’t have to believe me. Read the data for yourself. If you don’t participate fully in the process you get what you get. Period. End of discussion. Wonder WHY the African-American TV commentators don’t spend much time on this subject? Anybody? Data don’t lie. And the numbers clearly indicate the bottom fell out with black people in the 2016 Presidential Election.

On the other hand, the same data indicates enough White citizens (realized the importance) voted for Donald Trump and the rest is history at least until 2020. So suck it up people. Enough of y’all didn’t vote & Donald Trump is YOUR PRESIDENT whether you like it or not. And so since he’s in office we need to hold the President and ALL elected officials accountable. Vote, speak up or shut up with all the rhetoric and be prepared to face doom because we allowed the black voice to be muted.

So, why didn’t you vote in the 2016 Presidential Election? I’d really like to know. If you don’t participate somebody else will decide for you and it probably won’t be in your best interest. When I was growing up my Daddy would say to me “Make Up Your Mind”. He also said “Pick ONE thing and stick with it”. He was so right. Apparently, according to the data (read it for yourself) a lot of y’all didn’t heed my Daddy’s advice. You didn’t make up your mind or pick ONE. Now you’re stuck with what you got until 2020 because you didn’t participate. Although the choices for you may not have been very good did you even bother to check the candidates track records on things that matter to you to help you make the best choice possible? NOPE. You didn’t. A lot of y’all were “MIA” missing in action and now you suffer the consequence for the lack of your action and participation. I can’t wait to see if there’ll be a difference in the number of African-American voters that show up at the polls in 2020. Probably not. Some black folk talk a good game but at the end of the day typically fall way short of the mark. Actions always speak louder than words. ALWAYS.

And one more thing. Why are most African-Americans democrats anyway? My inquiring mind really wants to know. Obviously, enough of you die hard Democrats didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.  If you love your party that much you should have voted even if you didn’t necessarily want her as President. Donald Trump became the 45TH U. S. President because enough black people in America lost sight and didn’t vote.

Here’a another questions…Are you a Democrat because of your parents or did you research the various American political parties when you became of voting age and decided for yourself? When will we ever learn to “think for ourselves”?

Y’all really need to “WAKE THE HELL UP”. Stop walking around like zombies, being led like “sheep to the slaughter” and fully grasp how important it is that the entire African-American community participate in the political process; especially the Presidential Election.

This is not a one dimensional, lop-sided conversation. You’re welcomed to comment on my blog and share it on social media. Honestly, I’d like to know your point of view. Perhaps if we established an on-going dialogue in our community it’d help US understand how important it is that we participate in the political process for every election. If we don’t I’m concerned we’ll risk losing all of the advances made in the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. For all that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sacrificed it would be a major tragedy for our community if we continue allowing our apathy to keep us from participating in the political process. I really hope you’ll put your personal feelings aside and watch the President’s “State of the Union” address when it airs or “on demand”. And please take notes; express your satisfaction and especially your dissatisfaction to your Congressman or Congresswoman.

About the Author:

Reggie Gay is a gospel radio DJ based in Atlanta, Georgia. His broadcasting career spans 35 years with a specific voice to the African-American church in metropolitan Atlanta, Lexington, Kentucky, Florence and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Reggie’s web page is called http://reggiegay.com and it streams black gospel music internationally 24/7/365. You can also download his app for  the Android, Blackberry and iPhone from the marketplace. Blue tooth the audio; listen on the GO! Reggie’s email address is: ReggieGay@ReggieGay.com.