The Grand Launch of Reggie Gay’s Gospel Music App

reggie gay gospel music appThe Reggie Gay Gospel Show presents to you the most-raved about gospel music app on the market. Offering you endless gospel music 24/7/365, we take pride in this new feature that is perfect for any Jesus-praising soul. Whether you’ve just hopped on your first commuting train at 5am, or waiting for your kids in the school pickup line that you inevitably dread, you can now listen to all the best gospel hits right on your smartphone. By integrating the soul of gospel music with modern-day technology, we’ve created a fresh and convenient app that will fit right into your day.

It does, indeed, get even better! Our gospel music app also offers exclusive access to videos, updates, and photos of The Reggie Gay Gospel Show. You can even connect the app to blue tooth speakers, earphones, or car radios, and listen on-the-go. Download our newest app NOW, and see it all for yourself!

IN OTHER NEWS: The G. M. W. A. (Gospel Music Workshop of America founded by the late “King of Gospel Music” Rev. James Cleveland) is having it’s annual board meeting March 19-22, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. They’re preparing for the Summer 2017 gospel music convention which is going to convene in Atlanta, Georgia July 23-29, 2017. Also, the 32nd annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards is staging in Vegas too March 23-25, 2017! Representing and recognizing African American gospel artists for over 30 years, the Stellar Awards takes the lead in the United States’ oldest celebration of spirit, community, and gospel. Central City Productions, Chicago produces the show and it will feature the top gospel music artists on the charts. Oh and one more thing…remember, what goes on in Vegas STAYS in Vegas. Lol!

Check back for updates regularly on the blog as we will continue to keep you informed about all the hottest gospel music events that we know you would absolutely enjoy!


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