Have you seen the TV movie “Bobbi Kristina”? She’s the late daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston. Catch it on TV One “On Demand”. Wow! What a story? It was sometimes depressing and painful to watch as it put her struggles with alcohol, drugs and mental illness on blast making viewers relive her personal pain. Until you walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes..right?

Mental illness is real and when Whitney died (and with absolutely no disrespect but as if her Mama’s life was any better) Bobbi’s life seemingly died too. Sorta like the blind leading the blind.

I’ve heard people in a coma can still be aware of their surroundings. And while the human spirit is amazingly resilient I don’t think Bobbi wanted to wake up and have to deal with the reality of her life. Seems to me she was ready to go to escape her multiple pains in this world. And how ironic that she died just about the same way as her Mama. Sad life; tragic death. Rest in peace daughter.

People reach out to mental crisis hotlines for all sorts of mental health problems like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eating disorders. If you’re struggling with mental problems please get help before it’s to late. Google mental health referral services on the internet for telephone numbers to qualified agencies in your area.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you are not alone. More people than you may think experience mental struggles, and there are resources available to help but you or somebody has to make the first call and then follow-up. Contacting a mental health crisis hotline is a good way to begin reaching out for much-needed support.

Could your church or mosque help members with mental illnesses? All most churches know how to do is pray for sick people. That certainly is helpful but it’s not enough. Human beings are mind, body and spirit. And while church does a great job with the spiritual I encourage Pastors and churches to partner with healthcare agencies that are qualified to help people effectively deal with body and mental problems too.  #REALTALK If you are afraid that you or someone you know might hurt themselves or someone else because of mental illness please call 911 immediately.

I thought the actors in the movie “Bobbi Kristina” did a good job depicting the main characters Whitney, Bobbi and Nick Gordon. Whoever the lady was that played Whitney was an amazing vocalist. OMG.com! And the sister that portrayed Bobbi Kristina looked amazingly like her in my opinion. While most of the picture evolved around Bobbi I really began to feel sorry for Nick Gordon when I began to see his story. Since Bobbi’s death the media has done a good job making Nick the villain. Much like Bobby Brown with Whitney. He showed up as a friend of Bobbi’s and Whitney decided to take him in because of family problems he was having at home. Noble intention I guess but how in the world did he and Bobbi get romantically involved later in life? At that time a teenage boy and girl (not related in any way) living under the same roof.  #POWDERKEG #VOLATILE. And in the glare of the spotlight with Whitney apparently both were starved for attention and something to hold on to even if it wasn’t wholesome. No indictment of Whitney’s generosity but seems like everybody was sleep at the wheel on that idea. With all the hurt they both were enduring I guess any kind of band-aid will do just to stop the bleeding…right?

I bring up Nick because social media comments called him everything but a “child of God” during and after the movie. Gee whiz! Who’s helping Nick Gordon? Careful passing judgment without knowing the whole story. I get that Bobbi Kristina was a victim of a bad circumstance and environment but Nick Gordon was too. He was just as abused, broken and neglected as Whitney and Bobbi; perhaps worse when he showed up to live with them. And to add to his multiple, long term injuries within a couple years of Bobbi’s death he’s arrested for being abusive in a relationship with another woman. Looks like gigantic red flags to me and the brother needs help. He’s already been through some rehabilitation but probably not enough. The road to recovery in methodical and takes months; even years of therapy.

Let me be clear. I’ve never met Nick Gordon and I am certainly not taking sides but is anybody concerned for and helping Nick? Where’s his family? I don’t hear anything about them. Nothing. So sad that Whitney and Bobbi Kristina are both dead but Nick’s still alive and community has a chance to help him get it right. Can’t worry about his past because what’s been done is done. I believe there’s still time for him to turn his life around and become a testimony before it’s really to late.

Tough enough being a “black man” in America as it is without all the ridicule. So many other options (military, job corp and trade school) for wayward young black men who need to be taught boundaries, perspective, respect for self and others and how to make good choices. All kinds of programs to help people who come from stable families but what about the thousands of poor, “at risk” people swimming up stream against the current?

Pulling for ya Nick. I really am. If by some chance you’re reading this article I pray God will order your footsteps to the people that can really help you resolve your conflicts.

And if you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you are not alone. Everybody (and I do mean everybody) is dealing with something. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Contacting a mental health crisis hotline is a good way to begin to get much-needed support.

Shalom! I pray God’s covering; provision for you all the days of your life.

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