My Mother’s parents (Albert and Gladys) were both deceased BEFORE they were 50 years old because of heart disease. Perhaps it had something to do with their diet but regardless this epidemic affects me; makes me susceptible to the disease. That’s why I think it’s important that WE ALL check our blood pressure and other essential vitals on a regular basis. The next time you go to the big box retail store or the local drug store or pharmacy and you see the “blood pressure” checking machine…sit down and take the test. Knowledge is power and YOU really need to know. Heart disease is manageable but on the other hand it can kill you if it’s not under control asap.

I think often about my grandparents (Albert and Gladys). What were they like? I wish I could have met them to understand their perspectives on life. Perhaps they could have given me some wisdom to live by. I’ll never know because heart disease took them away from my family.

For information on how you can “get, have & keep” a healthy heart log onto http://www.Heart.org.


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