Did you really listen to what President Trump said in his inaugural “State of the Union” address on MON FEB 28 2017? I probably listened deeper than most; here’s what I heard. I believe he really wants to “Make America Great Again”. Seriously. Some folk probably won’t agree with me but that’s their prerogative. The last thing we need right now is a bunch of separate agendas in local, state and national government. Hillary lost; really time to “let it go” and unify the country. Lots of people (perhaps you) need to get used to the idea that Donald Trump is our President for the next four years. Don’t like it…then show up at the polls next time. Stats (I’m a data kind of guy) says about 50% of the black community (for instance) forgot to VOTE on TUES NOV 8 2016. Probably the same folk saying “Donald Trump” ain’t my President or offending the institution of the American Presidency by calling him “#45”. Those are the kind of folk always talking “loud” (especially on social media) and ain’t saying nothing. You have NO voice or right to complain if you don’t participate in the process. And let’s not even talk about the people who, sacrificed, marched and DIED for the cause. Donald Trump is the American President & perhaps if WE get behind his passion to make the country great again it’d really benefit us all. He spoke for just over an hour and touched on all the important issues affecting Americans. Things like jobs, education, much needed bridge and road repairs around the country, getting rid of the criminal element, cleaning up (especially inner cities) and rebuilding communities so folk have decent housing, affordable healthcare and particularly access to money for EVERYBODY to finance their aspirations and dreams. And no I’m not delusional. That’s what I heard; I think it’s great. #AMAZING if he can get 1/2 of his agenda done with all the other kings and queens in Washington. One leader folks. Just ONE is all we need. What did you hear? Did you even listen to him speak or do you get your news from sound bites from the morning news cycle and off the internet? That’s not an accurate assessment and so much gets lost between the cracks. Can’t stress enough how important it is that you LISTEN for yourself when he talks; make your own conclusion.

I was particularly impressed with his desire to invest in the next generation for black colleges and universities.#AWESOME Most of them really need financial help to operate. Why’s that important? I’m glad you ask. HBCUs give a lot of “at risk” students (you know who I’m talking about) who’d never stand a chance in mainstream schools the chance to get a college degree. America really does have a responsibility to educate all it’s citizens. Otherwise, we’ll keep perpetuating the horrible cycle of (particularly) black people who can’t compete because they’re just not equipped to survive in society. I see it all the time. Young black people walking around with NO AGENDA in life; (looking like deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming car; to stupid to move) relegated to minimum wage employment or worse no job at all and a gigantic burden on the country.

I’m going to give President Trump a year to “drain the swamp” (so to speak) & see where the country will be in February 2018. Takes time folks. Maybe I’ll give him until February 2019. Probably a more realistic time table. Right? Rome certainly wasn’t built overnight. Perhaps you should be optimistic too. I like the notion that he’s NOT a career politician selling the same ole’ rhetoric. He’s already proven he is not “business as usual”. Believe it or not “folk ain’t buying it”. Have you seen any of the “town hall” meetings elected officials have conducted recently and the outrage of their constituents on their job performances? One crowd chanted to one Congressman “Do your job”! I love it; wish more people would remind politicians they’re sent to office to represent communities not self interests or line their own pockets. I really hope Donald Trump can leverage his business savvy for the countries benefit, unify the dysfunctional U. S. Congress, decrease foreign investment, cut out all the bad investments made with U. S. tax dollars and really start spending the kind of money here in America that will positively impact ALL our lives.

The United States is the most powerful and resourceful country on the planet. Doggone shame that some people have to live here in poverty and despair. There’s absolutely enough to go around for everybody but we gotta take care of “home” first. I believe that & think Donald Trump could perhaps be the guy to point us in the right direction for economic prosperity and a clearer direction and future for OUR country. Maybe you should give him a chance too and stop believing everything you hear on the news or read on the internet. Actions still speak louder than words (always will) and I’m going to give him a chance to do his job. Things can change if we’re all on the same page and most importantly #BELIEVE. You with me on the notion? Sure hope so.

How about we start making elected officials accountable for everything they do. I mean the kind of accountable that’s  measured. If you do a good job for the people then you get another chance to serve in office. I absolutely believe in term limitation. Two terms of maybe 4 years each with a voter evaluation every two years. Good grade at evaluation they stay. Poor performance and failing…they butt goes home. How about that for “draining the swamp”? Way to many professional politicians in office that should have been gone years ago. I think that’s part of the problem. Doing old and dated ideas that just don’t work anymore. Probably part of President Trump’s appeal to citizens that showed up at the polls to vote in November. Their dissatisfaction with the status quo of our government put him in office and the rest is history. Can’t stress enough how important it is that we ALL stay involved in government by attending meetings (especially at the local level) making your voice heard; electing people that share your values for the community and country. Otherwise, you can expect the same ole same old. People really do “have the power” to create and shape change. Wonder how many believe that? Do you?

Doors always open for you to give comments & feedback. ReggieGay@ReggieGay.com  Hope to hear from you soon. Shalom! God keep and bless the United States of America.


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