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PSALM 75:6-7. When God opens the door…it’s open. Matters not where you are in life. (ALL CAPS MEANS SHOUTING) BE FAITHFUL TO GOD. And despite the challenges and disappointments maintain your relationship with Him. Why? Because in your dedicated service God will NOT...

Trump’s Gonna Win

I've been quiet about President Trump getting Impeached for a reason. I wanted to see how the chips fall first before commenting. And now that the chips have fallen here's my assessment. The Democratic Party and it's leaders are playing right into his hands. Yep! He's...


ReggieGay.com made Round 2 for Stellar Awards 2020 gospel music internet webcast of the year. Praise Jesus! That's fantastic! Thank you so much for voting. Let me be clear, there'd be no ReggieGay.com without reliable $ underwriters. Thanks to every sponsor for your...

Trump’s State of the Union Address was great!

Did you watch President Trump's latest State of the Union Address? It's original "live" air date was TUES FEB 19, 2019 @ 9PM (et). If you missed it pull it up on Google. You really need to watch it (at least 10/15 minutes) to see what he said to the world. It amazes...

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